1 month old

Happy 1 month to our favourite piglatine! It’s hard to believe a month ago I was so close to death (no, YOU’RE being dramatic) and yet I have no memory of what life was like before you arrived!!

We had the worst night we’ve ever had last night (Thank you colic!) but here’s what we’ve discovered in the last month…

Sleep is a thing of the past, the word ‘tired’ has an entirely new meaning (especially today, I think I might actually be dead) and my hair has formed a very loving relationship with dry hair shampoo.

I have no idea where our money previously went or how we spent our time and I now cry at arguably not that sad adverts.

I go from Googling baby constipation to wondering if I should take out shares with pampers because you won’t.stop.pooping and I’m willing to admit I feel the disappointment when Holly and Phil are off and Eamon and Ruth are standing in (If you don’t understand this reference it’s because you have a job.)

My brain has completely checked out, I forget words or what I’m talking about halfway through a sentence and I’m regularly nodding and polite laughing when someone finishes speaking because I have not listened to a word they’ve said (I tried but I was probably asleep with my eyes open.)

I no longer see the end of films, full but freezing cups of coffee have become part of our living room vibe and my daily playlist is now strictly Disney.

I am fully in love with someone who regularly wee’s on me, who wakes me up just as I get to the good part of a dream and who acts like an angel baby as soon as we see anyone who isn’t mummy or daddy.

I’ve realised that whilst a tan and tequila are great, they can’t compete with Felix snuggles.

I miss you the second you close your eyes to sleep and to cut a long story short…ish, I love you even more than chicken nuggets and puppies and daddy loves you even more than the Xbox!! (Though now seems a good time to point out that moving it from the living room to the loft hasn’t happened)

Thanks for the best month ever and for showing us how great being mummy and daddy is! We’re so excited for all the months ahead, particularly the ones where you learn to sleep through the night… (can we get an ETA on that or???) 


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