3 months old

3 months old today! Our little boy is growing at a rapid rate and already weighs over a stone – remember last time when I said mummy wouldn’t be able to carry you soon? Yep, we’re pretty much there! Who needs a gym when your son is a kettlebell?

People said, “the first 6 weeks are the hardest” and then, “the first 3 months are the hardest” so I’m looking forward to hearing next that “the first year is the hardest!” We’ve come to terms with the fact that parenting full stop is just the hardest, and even though your sleeping has improved so much, I still feel exhausted and probably always will!

For non-parents, I can only describe this fuzzy exhausted feeling as similar to a Sunday when you’ve inevitably woken up hungover and made it to about 4pm, where you haven’t eaten properly all day and you’re now really tired and a bit confused and unsure of what day it is. This is essentially how I’ve felt for the past 3 months…

Unlike a hangover though, our little portobello mushroom constantly puts a smile on our face and is totally worth the fuzzy tired feeling! Smiling has now turned into giggling, the teething journey has begun with your hand (or our fingers) permanently in your mouth and dribble going everywhere, and your grip is now, frankly, alarmingly strong.

You are a big fan of people! Your latest trick is staring at attractive ladies until they ask if they can give you a cuddle (weirdly this has never worked for your dad) You also love “lads”, particularly cousin Lennon who is the coolest dude we know, and of course daddy, who you seem to think is Ricky Gervais levels of funny. Almost everything daddy does deserves a giggle and aeroplane is the funnest game in the world! Even him blowing cold air on you during the last few hot days was HILARIOUS.

We’re now putting you upstairs on your own in the evening to get a few hours sleep before our bedtime – you are coping so well with this and so is daddy, mummy is frankly pathetic and spends the 3 hours you’re not together staring at the monitor feeling sad. It’s crazy to think in just a few more months you’ll be in your own room all night long (is it weird to keep a child in with you until they’re 10? Asking for a friend…)

The change in you month by month is crazy and though we don’t want to be those parents who think their child is a super advanced genius, you definitely are. Very excited to see all the new, funny things you get up to over the next month and just an early plea as we find 4 months on the horizon, you don’t HAVE to fall into that sleep regression trap.

Keep being wonderful, smiley you, Felix ❤️ love you so very much! 


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