4 months old

Felix Brown is 4 months old today!

If I had a pound for every time someone had made a joke about you being bigger/weighing more than me in the last month, I wouldn’t ever have to go back to work! Alas, nobody has paid up.

Things you like: early mornings, putting any and everything into your mouth, sitting up, pulling mummy’s hair, daddy’s face, sensory class, other babies, eating (of course) and lamp shades.

Things you don’t like: teething, jabs, mummy looking at her phone, daddy doing horse impressions (all other farm animal impressions are great though) and the time between getting out the bath and getting some milk (the danger zone).

Your little giggle is the best noise in the world, your curiosity during sensory classes has all the other mums thinking you’re adorable and your rolls within rolls are my absolute favourite. We love you more and more each day piggy and I just wish time (and possibly your appetite) would slow down just a bit!

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