6 months old

6 months. Half a year. 182.5 days… says Google. Little Felix (not so little anymore) has been around for all this time and we can’t really remember what we ever did before. Anything worthwhile? Nothing QUITE in the same league as this little guy that’s for sure.

You are desperate to stand and crawl, eat everything you see and be the Lord Mayor of this house (which you have already been for 6 months). You make us laugh every day with your cheeky little quirks, pulling faces, making as much noise as you can and fighting sleep as much as possible so that you don’t miss out on anything. You love carrots, the jumperoo and your baby friends, you dislike banana, being made to lie down and being ignored (don’t we all?)

Thanks for making the last six months so fun Felix, we can’t imagine a world without you in it and love you so very much!

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