7 months old

“We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.”

7 months Mr Felix Brown! It’s mad really because it feels as though we celebrated you turning 6 months just a week or so ago? If time continues to pass us by so quickly, you’ll be 12 before we know it.

Though it’s gone quickly, this last month you’ve made so many changes! It’s fair to say that little gorgeous lump who was so easy to look after (though it didn’t seem so at the time) has been replaced with a cheeky little chops desperate to be on the move!

You now have two teeth (bottom middle), can sit up by yourself, can crawl backwards (but so much frustration at not quite grasping forwards), you’re desperate to be on your feet at all times (with our support, as 19”2 is a whole lot of baby to keep up!) and feel the need to put every single thing in your mouth. You’re also settled and “sleeping” in your own big boy bedroom every night and though you like to wake up on the reg, I don’t really mind because as we’ve proven, needing sleep is a myth… 

Our weaning journey has begun and you don’t quite understand the concept of small, safe bites, and prefer the technique of cramming it all in, giving me a panic attack whenever you’re in your high chair. We’ve mainly stuck to purees, although you have tried wafers (choked), carrot sticks (coughed lots), toast (sucking off the butter), ice lollies (trying to ram the entire thing in one go) and scrambled egg (success but still scary for mummy). Now you’re 7 months old I promise to be a bit more brave and to try some more things because you definitely enjoy it!

We’ve got one month left together before mummy has to go back to work and I can see it’s going to be a fun one with lots of cheekiness from you! We wouldn’t change a single thing about you for the world FB. 


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