8 months old

8 months old today Felix Brown – the time has flown by unbelievably quickly and in a week’s time my maternity leave ends and I have to go back to real life. It’s been so fun, and a bit mad, and really more sleep should have been involved the entire time, but it’s been the best 8 months I’ve ever had and I wish we could go back to day 1… ok maybe day 2 (we don’t need to relive your entrance into the world) and do it all over again.

You are becoming the cheekiest little daredevil, constantly throwing yourself around, extra bonus points if it’s off something, and you just don’t seem to feel pain. You’ve now got 5 teeth, have said a few words though not consistently and you’ve stumbled forwards several times (I don’t think we can get away with saying you’re crawling forwards yet, as desperate as you are to do it!)

You are also still the hungriest boy on the planet and we’re having breakfast, lunch and dinner every day! You start nursery in a week and I just know you’re going to love being with all the other babies, much like you love a Friday with your besties. The only difference is I won’t be there to watch 😢

At 8 months you are the little boy I would have dreamed of, and so much more. Not spending every day with you is going to be very sad, but we’re going to cherish our days together even more and we’ve got so much to look forward to over the next few months! Stay cheeky, stay smiley, stay you.

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