9 months old

I can’t believe you’re 9 months old! How quickly has that time gone?

You don’t even seem like a baby anymore, you’ve very quickly become a little boy with your own personality and very cheeky behaviour!

This last month has been our toughest by a mile. You have spent basically the entire month being ill, mummy had to go back to work, we spent 1 day in a horrible nursery and found out you had croup. Luckily, you have the same lucky trait as me, and within a few days we managed to find you the perfect childminder – and though you’ve only been there two weeks, the difference in you is amazing! You’re now waving, crawling, talking in your very own language non stop and trying to stand constantly!

You have also finally ditched the horrible cold that lingered for the last month and though your sleep (or lack of) got really, really bad, you are getting better now with only one or two wake ups in the night. Dare I hope this is the month we start sleeping all the way through?

You now have 6 teeth, you’re loving your food and even though we’re still wimps when it comes to you coughing, you’ve managed toast and spaghetti and raisins, to name just a few!

We’ve nicknamed you Dennis the Menace because you love to break the rules and find it hilarious when we scream FELIX, NO!!! Even the childminder is exhausted after spending the day with you but they admit they don’t really mind because you are extremely lovable!

The image with this post says it all, you are no longer my squishy, easy to manage baby, but you make us laugh every single day. I miss you so much when I’m at work but our days together now are even more special and fun. You have been my favourite person for the last 9 months and somehow you get better every day! 9 months in, now 9 months out, it’s been the best.

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