10 months old

I didn’t update this at the time of Felix turning 10 months old because we were in the midst of a shit-storm. No really. 13 nappies a day of the good stuff. It was constant and I couldn’t really celebrate a 10 month milestone because, frankly there was no time to take pictures and write lovely things!

But we soon learnt that my poor boy had developed a lactose intolerance and as soon as we cut the dairy he returned to his normal, gorgeous self! In fact, he is now better than ever and I’m not sure if my little soldier has been uncomfortable for a long time with dairy as he’s now incredibly happy, sleeping better than ever  and becoming more independent by the day.

So I don’t have a lot to say for 10 months because it really was a bit poo. It just highlighted what a tough, brave little piggy we have who hardly complained throughout the whole thing! I’m proud of him for the strangest things!

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