11 months old

I just can’t believe I’m writing this already. 11 months old. The last monthly milestone before you are a whole year old. Where did that time go, baby boy? And at the same time, I can’t remember life without you!

The last two months celebrations were a bit, limp, because of croup and coughs and colds and then lactose intolerance, but now, you are in such a good, happy, settled place and are just a complete joy to be around. We loved the baby phase so much but you at 11 months is just the best – and if we could keep you like this forever, we’d be tempted to do so!

But on the other hand you’re learning new things every single day and it’s amazing to see how quickly you learn and soak things up. Your newest thing is standing up by yourself, and you’ve even taken a few steps! You’re constantly looking for the next thing to learn and you’re almost as chuffed as us when you get it. Such a happy, smart little soul. You’ve also started pointing and once you’ve got something, you like to do it, a lot. So everything is being pointed at, including people in shops, cashiers, animals (is this your way of telling us you’re ready for a pet?) and basically everything and anything.

You now happily play by yourself, creating your own little games. We’ve noticed you’re now sorting your toys into different compartments and keep finding things in the funniest places. You’re also fascinated by the Christmas presents and there are now a fair few presents without tags… thank you for that.

You still wake up once in the night, we’ve given up the idea that you will ever sleep through, but you happily put yourself to sleep and we never thought that day would come! You’re also happy to chatter away to yourself in the mornings until we’re ready to get up and when we come in to get you, you have the biggest smile on your face!

I really don’t know what we would do without you. You are our absolute world and make us so proud every day. In the blink of an eye you have become such a funny, happy, cheeky little man and we feel so lucky to be your parents!

I am in no rush at all to celebrate your first birthday, I want you to be my baby forever. But it’s coming, so let’s enjoy the last month before you become an independent man who wants to borrow my car and come in at 3am. (They don’t do that at 1, do they?) For now, your first Christmas, where despite what we said, you’ve been completely spoilt! Well…it is your first one!

Love you so much piglatine, you’ll always be our baby, whatever your age.

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