12 months old!

We did it! My baby is 1 and has already had a whole year with us… which seemed to only last about a month.

At times it felt a lot like we were just in an experiment to see how little sleep a person could have but also function day to day, and it turns out you really don’t need much at all!

At 1 you are now doing several steps without holding onto anything, constantly chatting away, smiling all the time and always wanting cuddles, especially from mummy, daddy and big G! You’ve also got 7 teeth, a full head of hair with some curls and an extremely cheeky personality. You’re obsessed with the curtains, mainly playing peek a boo with them, and also love to play with anything you’re not supposed to, like a bin or the toilet. Daddy finds this very distressing.

You were spoilt rotten on your birthday and got so many presents – the best one being your trike which you find hilariously good fun! We’re so glad you like it. You also got your first pair of trainers which you are absolutely refusing to wear. You’re the boss, we’ll keep trying!

We’ve had such a fun, busy year with you and it’s been amazing to see you grow from a small (ish) thing who wouldn’t sleep, to a much larger thing who sleeps… slightly better! You are a really happy, funny character, but also really thoughtful and like to sit and think about how certain toys work, only happy to leave them once you get it. We are certain you’re going to be a genius.

We had your first year check too and the health visitor was absolutely smitten with you. You have the ability to charm even at such a young age, and it wasn’t long before you were giving her cuddles and showing off all the clever things you can do, handing her your toys and showing her some steps. You definitely know how to perform! She also commented on how tall you were and the size of your feet, and you weigh a solid 22″. Not a great shock, you’ve been a chunk since day one and I am now the hunchback of Orton Northgate.

I just can’t believe how quick this first year has gone! We’ve battled the sleepless nights, the bad stages with croup, the horrible nursery, me going back to work, weaning and the lactose intolerance. We’ve also had the best time ever at sensory classes, baby Friday with all your mates, Monday’s with big G, all the walks and adventures we’ve been on – it really has been the best and I can’t imagine a world without you in it.

You’re now officially a toddler and you’re on the move already, walking from one side of the living room to another, so I guess the fun really starts now. But even when you’re a much bigger boy, and walking and talking happen without thinking, you’ll still be my baby. Always.

Love you Fe xxx

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